Miss T and Dr Bones go mad in Shropshire (or a Tales of Two Kindles)

“So” said Dr Bones, “let’s go away to a cottage for a few days”.

“Yes, let’s” I simpered. That’s how, dear reader, I found myself navigating to Henley Cottage. The cottage featured in the BBC TV programme ‘The Victorian Farm‘. As well as having no running water, or electricity, the neighbours are very friendly (see above).

As we had our first sight of our holiday ‘home from home’, I was reminded of Uncle Monty’s cottage in the film ‘Withnail and I‘.

Thanks to Dr B’s narrow boat experience, by the end of our stay we could boil a kettle in under an hour!

The cottage only contained these tiny, doll sized glasses. Pouring that many glasses in order to drink a bottle of wine is incredibly debilitating.

In the evenings we were able to read…

…by Kindle light.
Fantastic view from the outside loo :-).

Denmark 2008 – ‘My Cottage’

Nestled right at the edge of the forest is ‘my’ cottage (you may have to enlarge the picture to see it).

It’s not permitted to build this close to the forest any more – or even as close as Birgit’s house is. This traditional house now belongs to the forestry commission. It was rented out, but they’re now going to turn it into a forest school.
But I WANT to live there…MINE MINE MINE!