Christening the Paella Pan

At Eynsham Carnival this year, The Boy treated himself to a paella pan. As he’d read somewhere that the best way to cook paella was an a barbecue, he realised last week that he’d better get a wriggle on before Summer was over.

On Bank Holiday Monday Lovely Lindsay, and Prof Pete came over and we all watched while The Boy sweated over a hot pan. For the record – it was delicious.

A Lemony Triumph

We’ve had a bumper crop of lemons this Spring.

In order to make the most of them (besides I prefer lime in gin), I made some lemon marmalade. The first time I’ve made jam or marmalade of any kind. I don’t eat marmalade myself, but everyone I’ve given it to says that it’s fab :-).

Yum, Yum, Yum

Last week I dusted off my apron, and made this yummy fig and walnut bread.

It was exceedingly delicious!
[The breadboard is a hippo, but in this photo it looks a bit like a Moomin doesn’t it?]

Cooking with Sue

On Friday, I had a ‘cook in’ with Sue.

We cooked some MEAT too! Sue is looking jolly as we were singing along to Aretha Franklin.

“And I had to use THIS much cable…”

Mr Dudley has a lovely profile…

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As part of my ‘reclaim the kitchen’ campaign, I made some meatballs yesterday (to have with some tomato sauce and pasta). Once I’d made them I thought they looked like little brains!

They were delicious BTW.