Henry Moore and Auguste Rodin at Compton Verney

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to blog these photos. I took them in July on my first of two visits to an exhibition of Moore and Rodin sculptures and drawings at Compton Verney in Warwickshire.

[Rodin’s Cybele in the foreground, ‘The Arch’ by Moore’ across the lake]

I hadn’t been aware what an important influence Rodin had been on Moore, and the similarity in their treatment of the human body, was all the more pronounced having seen the contrast between Moore and Bacon in an exhibition at the Ashmolean earlier this year.

[Moore ‘Seated Woman’]

The exhibition was very well curated. Placing Moore’s ‘Reclining Figure: Bunched’…

…next to Rodin’s ‘Fallen Caryatid with Stone’ emphasised their common sinuousness.

 Moore’s ‘Upright Motive No 9’ looked quite vulnerable next to…

Rodin’s confident ‘Walking Man, on a Column’.

 Moore owned a casting of this bronze, and took lots of magnificent photos of it…

…which were on show, along with sketches, models and some exquisite small pieces inside.

Rodin’s ‘Eve’ hid in dabble shadow, whilst…

…this magnificent ‘Three Piece Sculpture: Vertebrae’ by Moore…

…shone in the sun close to Rodin’s ‘Monument to the Burgers of Calais’.

My favourite? Moore’s ‘Seated Woman’, who reminds me my beloved Moore’s ‘Draped Seated Woman’ at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (Old Flo).

Exhibitions I want to see…

OK folks – time to brave the world beyond The Tollbridge again. I would like to go and see:

Lee Miller at the V&A

Hockney on Turner at the Tate Britain

Millais also at Tate Britain

Daily Encounters at the NPG

The Naked Portrait at Compton Verney (I’ve already seen this in Edinburgh – it’s super)

Goya at the New Art Gallery Walsall

My plan is to start putting my Fridays to good use, and go look at art rather than do the ironing (or find excuses not to the ironing). If you fancy any of these, let me know quickly and we can fix a date. Otherwise, I’m going to please myself and boogie on down (or up) on my ownsome.

Plus, as I’m currently ‘working to rule’ you may not get postcards!

PS I missed The Terracotta Army!