Italy 2012 – Venice, Florian

After we had fun in the fish market, like every tourist we headed to St Mark’s Square.

See those two handsome men in the front left? They were with me.

We had a date with a Venice institution…


It’s such a beautiful place…

…I really can’t understand…

…why anyone would choose to sit outside, and listen to the dreadful band (which were Austrian soldiers in the first place!)…

…when you can sit inside, at the bar, and watch the waiters.

It’s cheaper to sit at the bar too.

Christopher, who is an expert in these things…

…pronounced the coffee excellent.

Flavio Zappi’s Coffee Shop – Walton St

After going to see Metropolis, with lovely Lindsay at The Phoenix, we chanced upon Zappi’s coffee shop (which has been there since 2008).

It’s run by Flavio Zappi, and ex professional cyclist. After some years away from the sport, he now runs a cycling club, based at the cafe.
As well as all the cycling memorabilia, there are some special coffees blends…
…and this little chap, who I assume comes from The Oxford Cake Company (who made my wedding cake).
BTW – the coffee was excellent.

Billy at Borders

Stopped off in Borders for a coffee with La Marrison (or in my case a chai tea latte – the foam, the foam) – and bumped into this little chap/goat.

I thought at first he was wearing a horned hat, but the horns are his own – they just poke through his knitted hat. I liked his ‘comprehensively loved’ look.