Jura 2013 – in the cloud

The four of us had a long week in the Jura in the middle of our break away in Burgundy. We spent the first couple of days deep in cloud.

Believe it or, behind M.Coquard and the Boy Lawrence is one of the best views in the Jura.

Look how excited they are.

The Frozen North

Whenever we go to see Adam’s family in Huddersfield, we try and go to Holme Moss. As you can see, on Boxing Day it was rather cold and snowy.

I’d hoped to take some pics, but given the cloud, I thought that all I’d be able to take was a few heroic poses (see above).

Then the clouds parted, fabulous.

Some birdie had been out two.

Down in Derbyshire, it was less windy on the other side, but no less magnificent…

…especially the clouds.

I’m not sure which was more impressive, the snow on the dam, or the ice on the lake.

I don’t think anyone would have been tempted to swim that day!

Tamar Island Wetlands Reserve

Our last port of call in Tasmania, was this lovely wetlands reserve.

Despite being only 10 minutes drive from Launceston (which IMHO is a dump)…

…it has that melancholy ‘edge of the world’ feeling.

That mood is heightened by the rusting remains of ships…

…and rotting docks.

This is the domain of birds now…

…old and young.

Time to head back.

Farmoor Sky in March

I was most taken by the sky.

The afternoon was very blowy…
…and the clouds were racing across the sky…
…leaving the odd hole.

After the Rain

I went up to the Technogarret to check my email, and was taken by the fresh beauty after the rain. I couldn’t resist taking some snaps with my ‘phone. I love Elsie and Freida’s gardens – they are redolent of time when a garden was about growing produce. I guess, the circle turns, and we’re all going back to it now.

I wish these pictures could give you an idea of how fresh and green everything is.

All the trees on the Queen St side are wonderfully lush and verdent.

The clouds looked fantastic.

I’m not sure if they’re better in black and white or not.