Berlin 2008: Christmas is Coming!

Like so many other ‘old traditions’, most of the traditional British Christmas was invented by the Victorians. Prince Albert brought over many German customs, including the Christmas Tree, which filtered down to the general population from the Royal Court.

One the British haven’t embraced, is the soldier nutcracker (as in the ballet) – I came across this chap chained up outside a Christmas decoration shop.

German decorations are fab – especially the ones that twirl round and round, powered by the updraft from candles. Sadly…budget airline ticket = carry on bag = no room to buy any = :-(.

Christmas at Traves-Lawrence Towers

Christmas chez nous is no different from anywhere else…there are kisses…(BTW Peter, you’re welcome to come and paint the dining room, any time you like)…

…plenty of food…


But it all takes its toll (my bro has a lovely profile doesn’t he?)…

…especially when it’s your THIRD birthday as well!!!

End result – chaos!


I sent this card to the folks at work via email. I’m going make a donation to Oxfam. Part of me would like to stop sending cards altogether. However, I have a fair amount of relatives and friends who aren’t on email. Plus, I can’t help thinking that it looked like you couldn’t be bothered to make an effort.

What do you think?

Deck the Halls..

We’ve put up our Christmas tree far earlier than usual this year. For some reason, I’m really excited about Christmas this year.

The ellie isn’t on the top of the tree this time. He didn’t look very happy last year!

I’m not sure if the addition of Father Christmas does THAT PICTURE any favours.

There is a Dansk corner of course…

I fell for this string at the Eynsham Emporium.

Now I just have to find a Father Christmas hat for the cow.