Turkey 2008 – A Holiday Romance for Egg and Pegg?

By the side of the Blue Mosque is a little shopping arcade. And what did we find, right in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world? Some chickens pecking around – it was rather nice.

I thought this chap was rather fine. I think the ‘Queen Street Two’ would rather like him too!

My Ma has had Chicks…

…or rather her bantams have.

Sadly, most of my photos could be captioned – “Let’s dive under Mum!”

Ma thinks she’ll call then Victoria and Albert. I suggested we call them Albert and Ernest (after the Prince Consort and his elder brother), as they’re bound to be both boys!

The ‘Queen Street Two’

My friend Marmaladekiss is on her hols and I am hen sitting. I thought I’d post a pic. to show that they’re alive and well – I should really have given them the front page of today’s newspaper to hold in their beaks!