Reasons (for me) to be cheerful

As The Boy has commented, it’s a horrible time of year, and we have had some bad news of late. In the spirit of following my own advice – here a few little things that have been pleasing me lately. Feel free to add some of your own.

  • I’ve planted lots of bulbs, it’s going to be lovely in the Spring
  • My Christmas cake is baked, and ready to be ‘fed’ under the stairs
  • The inclement weather means that I’m wearing my boot collection, most of which have heels, and I can tower of my colleagues
  • My sister’s birthday, my Uncle John’s birthday, the Welshman’s birthday, Cari’s birthday, my birthday, Fr Rattue’s birthday, Dr Bones’ birthday, my brother’s birthday and my name-day are all coming up
  • It’s a new academic year, which means it’s a new business year at work, and so there are lots of new projects coming up
  • Lorna is cracking on with my portrait
  • The Archers is now available as a podcast
  • A kind friend picked up some Assam tea for me from Cardrews yesterday. After a week drinking Earl Grey I was in sore need of it. I’ll drink any old tea (well not quite ANY OLD Lorna) when I’m out, but when I’m home ‘proper’ tea is important to my wellbeing
  • I’ve picked up a pile of books from a colleague at work for next to nothing
  • Vince Cable has shown some backbone by refusing to meet King Faud