Burgundy 2008 – Golf Widow

On our first day, The Boy had arranged to play a round a Morfontaine, which is a very famous and historic golf club just outside Paris. This gave me the chance to explore Chantilly (where the cream comes from!). And what should I see but this!

And then this…had I strayed through a wormhole back into Eynsham?

I liked this bird box…

…and this school name.

However, my main reason for visiting was the château – which houses an amazing art collection. I couldn’t take any pictures inside, but believe me, it’s well worth a visit. Apparently, they don’t have many English speaking visitors (which astounded me) – and the two others I met there, were also golf widows!

I ADORE this lion’s snooty look.

They’d had a Russian film crew filming a period drama for the last few weeks.

And the château is often used as a backdrop for wedding photos.

I didn’t get a chance to visit the gardens, which are huge – like all French tourist attractions, there was a ‘petit train’ to take you round.

Chantilly is twinned with Epsom, and also has a race track, with the magnificent old stables turned into a museum, where they have horsey spectaculars. I thought this was an interesting juxtaposition of old and new on the roof!

Not a bad little building is it? Again I couldn’t take pics inside, which was a shame, as the main area was quite something, with a dome and a huge fountain. The horses looked in lovely condition. There was a lovely little horse, which I took a fancy to, and I couldn’t work out its breed. I looked on the stable door, and realised that it was a SLIM Shetland pony – blimey.

I sneakily took this shot on my phone for my m-i-l Lin, as she is very fond of ‘the horses that go up and down’.
Now, all these magnificent piles are all very well – but I’d be more than happy with this gate house.

And the kitty of course (ssh – don’t tell Maisie!)