Milan 2015 – Castello Sforzesco

Despite the Serbian barman telling us that the castle was “nothing special, you need to go to Serbia”…

…we popped up to the Castello Sforzeco

…built in the 15thC for Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan, who according to Machiavelli:

With the right policies and great courage, Sforza, a commoner, became Duke of Milan and, having won power with enormous effort, held on to it easily enough”.

Here is his coat of arms, which pretty much shows you what to expect…

…if you were dragged through the gateway…

…into the outer courtyard.

Now the moat is home to a gang of feral cats.

RIP Maisie

Last week our Snr Cat Maisie was taken very ill, and we had to have her put down. She was sixteen and a half, and had been with us for fifteen years (the majority of our married life). She was a friendly, homebody who like nothing better than to sit on my lap.
I’m not going to apologise for missing her. Hard is hard, and there’s no point playing the ‘my hard is harder than your hard’ game. 

Summer in Eynsham

We have been enjoying a bit of peace and calm after all the building work. These dragon flies seem to be happy.

Billy loves the sun.

Boots and Wallace enjoy a change of scene.

The beloved and I have a new sun trap.

The Evidence…

I was woken at about 3am the other night by the cats fighting downstairs. In the morning I found fur and claws everywhere!

Spring has Sprung!

After a Winter that’s been too cold, and too long (well for England anyway…I know you all have it worse in France/Scotland/Canada/USA etc. etc.), we finally had a lovely Spring day. As well as the brave snowdrops, we have crocuses…

…and fritillaries.

I admit that at the moment, my NEW BENCH isn’t in the most scenic of locations, but when the daffs are out, and trees are in leaf, it’ll be more of an sylvan glade.

Meantime, after mass this morning, I sat and enjoyed the sunshine…

…with tea…

…a book…

…and Maisie. Utter bliss.