Carnival 2007

After weeks of rain, carnival day was clear and sunny. It kicked off as usual with Morris dancing in the square. Here is Dave in habitual pose!

My Dad was rather grumpy about proceedings until the belly dancers started up.

After my recent belly dancing outing, I was especially interested in their fantastic spangly costumes. I’d have loved to have stolen this scarf. Must ask Sue ‘artful dodger’ Cook for tips.

Then it was a case of waiting for the parade. This lot don’t look very excited do they?

Maddy wasn’t going to miss a moment!

Good to see that the parade was in Larry and June’s capable hands!

Frank and Nick were my fave.

Although Frazer has great legs.

Now I seem to remember promising….

…that David and I were going to take part next year…eeek.

I think the sky looks suitably apocalyptic for angels

And here’s another one running off with A.

She wasn’t sure about this little fireman.

I got to wear Frank’s helmet.

Borrowing hats seemed to be the order of the day.

Some things were mislaid.

In the evening there was jazz at The Queen’s Head.

But it was all too much for some.
See you next year!