Burgundy 2014 (Le Retour) – Panneçot

Given that we’ve been visiting our relatives in Moulins-Engilbert for over a decade, we’re often asked if there’s anything new to see. There is, including a little tea room...

 …next to the local canal

…which our hosts had only discovered this year.
The Boy and I like it so much that we went a number of times.
It wasn’t just popular with us!

There were big plastic boats…

…small plastic boats…

 …and beautiful wooden boats.

I’d love this little summer house overlooking the canal basin. 

Burgundy 2008 – Canal du Nivernais

Our friend from Oxford Cruisers, Steve Malpus, used to work on the Canal du Nivernais – so it was extra interesting to go on a boat trip.

The canal was built to increase the amount of wood that could be floated down to Paris from the Morvan. The canal links the Loire to the Yonne. Today, it’s mostly used by pleasure traffic.

I thought this boat house was rather splendid.

Most of the canal is wider than ones that I’m used to in the UK.

The canal is kept in good condition – as you can see from this shot of the bank.

Our cruise was down a narrow part of the canal, with lots of tunnels.

I DO like industrial architecture.

The light at the end of the tunnel!

The Boy was rather taken with the boat’s rear view mirror!

There’s a story connected with this bridge, but I was unable to get the gist of it.

[The Boy tells me it was built for a farmer to get his cows across – and there was me thinking it was something romantic!]

We didn’t get to see much wildlife – but there were lots of dragonflies…

…and this nice woolly dog!

Rendezvous with Maffi

On Saturday, The Boy, Fr Rattue, Dr Bones and I ambled (via a very nice pub lunch) down to Devizes Wharf, so that Dr Bones could meet up with Maffi.

It was a lovely, sunny day and while we waited for Maffi to hove into view, we had an ice-cream.

What a shame we chose to sit next to the pump out station!

I was distracted by these beautiful reflections.

Here they are in situ.

We had a wander and found this nice gate…

…and these allotments.

But wait? Who’s this?

It’s Maffi! See that black bag? It’s got a dead heron in it…don’t ask…

He needs a haircut don’t you think?

Thank you for the tea Maffi. Goodbye to you and the doll. Is she waving goodbye or is that a fascist salute?

Skipton – Easter Saturday

Skipton is a lovely market town – it recently won the ‘fave Yorkshire market town’ poll in the ‘Yorkshire Post’. One of its many charms is the Leeds-Liverpool canal that runs slap bang through the town.

This chap looked very happy. Take a close look at the sign on the front of his boat.

The town also has a castle, built in Norman Northern ‘harrowing’ (read genocide) days.

This ginger urchin was having fun as well. This cries out for a caption competition!

But, not as much as this! One of the worst pics of me EVER! Still the ice-cream was good.