France May 2016 – out and about in Tournus

As I remarked in my last post, Tournus is a lovely town, and I’d love to go there again.  For those of you who are interested in such things, we stayed in a restaurant with rooms called Aux Terrasses. Great food and really nice staff.

The town is on the river Saône

…look at this boat Dr Bones!

There’s an old hospital to visit…

…a dinky little cinema

…a market that sells cheese cages…

…and I got to pet a little, fat pony.

My Ma would have been very interested in this shop!

This sign was strange…

…and this sign was just plain disturbing!

Denmark 2008 – Ribe

Our last port of call was Ribe, a beautiful town on close to the German border back in Jutland.

Ribe has many calims to fame – but the most imporant for me, was that it houses a Bo Bendixen shop!
I was so excited about getting to the shop, I left my camera in the car!
I hope these shots give you an idea of the place.
With it’s beautiful old doors…
…from many periods.
I DO have a thing about door furniture.
So if you ever get the chance, do go to Denmark, it’s a very interesting and welcoming country.
With excellent cakes (my parents’ wedding cake was like this, only bigger)!