Those of you who know my portly personage well are aware that I’m partial to a bit of cake.

I was spoilt for choice yesterday. fr Robert & fr. Haavar Simon were ordained to the diaconate, and fr Lawrence became Fr Lawrence. So they was plenty of cake to be had. The one above was made by Genevieve, one of Blackfriars graduate students.

However, the cake of cakes, was made by fr Richard Conrad.
Although it did make me wonder about the social niceties of eating the figures. I was tempted to cut the bishop’s head off…but that’s probably not the done thing. Trouble is the figures don’t last for ever.

We kept our wedding cake hippos for a few years, but they went the way of all flesh (or marzipan at any rate)!

Denmark 2008 – Watch this Space!

As some of you may know, I’ve been away in Denmark visiting family and friends. My Danish photos will be up soon, but I have to finish blogging my Istanbul ones first!

Thank you for all your comments.

Weekend Excursion

On a whim we went to Hereford on Saturday to see the Mappa Mundi. It’s quite astonishing – to be so close to minds from 1300. The chained library is quite something too.

We stopped in Ledbury and chanced upon Cafe Sez – French Tearoom and Patisserie – with a genuine French patissier, M Pascal Clarenne (yum, yum, yum).

And yes, I forgot my camera – grrr.

Miss T ‘at home’

To celebrate my birthday we had a little ‘at home’ on Saturday. The cakes were made by Dr Bones’ friend Jude. Jude should be made an MBE for services to cake. See yourself, she sells them at Wells Stores in Abingdon.

There was some CHEESE too…with THREE types of the wonderful Dr Karg.

Lorna gave me some amazing flowers from the Eynsham Emporium. As you can see, I didn’t have a vase big enough!

Here is Peter enjoying some DRINK – as you can see he dressed exquisitely so he could be awarded more cake!

Here is David enjoying Dr Bones…I think they look like they’re at different parties. The Boy thinks that Dr Bones is auditioning for a remake of ‘The Lair of the White Worm’.

And here is The Boy with some cake.

A good time was had by all…I’d love to know what Leo was thinking. You can see what he’s been doing!