Madeira Day 3 – Botanic Gardens

The Botanical Gardens are up in the hills above Funchal. They are justly famous, and as you can imagine I took a LOT of flower pics. They’ll appear on my blog in due course, but I thought I’d give you a flavour of the place.

There’s lots of shade and shadow, which I enjoyed.

The cacti in a sheltered part of the garden, reminded me of the collection in Barbara Hepworth’s Sculpture Garden (a place I love).

This dangly item reminded me of one of SueC‘s paintings.

This was inspired planting!

One of the best things about the garden was the amount of contrast – here between ‘wild’ and formal.

The bird of paradise flower is everywhere in Madeira. It’s quite amazing to see it growing in huge numbers. We managed to bring a stem home intact, nestled in The Boy’s golf bag.