Corgi Power

This picture has nothing to do with my post…but I think endless posts without pictures can get a bit dull :-).
The boiler whisperer came round this morning. I missed him, but The Boy tells me that he put his hand on the boiler while diagnosing it, sort of boiler faith healing! A part is on order, and with luck we’ll have heat and hot water tomorrow.
The gas man cometh – bless him, he came back this evening, and we now have heating and hot water! Hurrah!

MissT is stinky!

Brrrrr…it’s cold! The combi boiler isn’t igniting, so no heating and no hot water! MissT hasn’t been this cold since she left her childhood abode to go to college, as her cruel APs didn’t get central heating until the kids left home (or telly for that matter).
At The Boy’s suggestion I brought the fan heater down from the attic, and stupidly plugged it into the extension socket (which you shouldn’t do anyway – and I’d forgotten that the fuse in it is only working cos it was mended with some silver paper). The extension socket then became v. hot, scorched the rug and fused the sockets.
I minced off to the pub in disgust – anyone would think I lived on a boat!
(A nice boiler engineer who Marmaladekiss swears by is coming tomorrow – hurrah!)

The House of Malfunction

We don’t seem to have made a huge amount of progress this past week – PC, boiler and BT line are all still on the blink.

On the positive news front – my car is in the repair shop, I’ve shaken off my horrid virus and The Boy seems to be feeling a lot better too (despite his feet and hands swelling).

I have pondered being a Buddist and renouncing material possessions, but have decided that I just want them fixed. Note to self – say a few novas to the patron saint of plumbing.