Cornwall 2012 – Mylor Harbour

At Mylor Harbour there’s a yacht club (with a rather nice cafe). I was very interested in this boat cradle.

Much to my delight, we saw a yacht being lifted up…



…and out of the water.

I’m not sure what the tractor was there for, as it drove away soon after…

…showing the yacht in all its glory.

This was what it was all about, time for a clean up!

Puppies – Friday 6th July 2008

The puppies are getting used to the boat yard routine. At 6pm on Friday they walked over to Steve’s car, ready to go to the pub.

I’m glad that Fern is staying – she and Molly seem so happy together.

The Boy took this picture of ‘nose to paw’.

Fern is also clearly happy to be with Steve.

[Apologies for the qualities of these pics. My camera ‘phone takes very grainy pictures when flash is used.]

The Puppies’ First Walk to the Queen’s Head

The Boat Yard pups had their jabs yesterday and celebrated by walking to the pub. As you can see it was rather tiring. Fern (the puppy previously known as ‘no name’) has elongated somewhat.

Here is Molly showing off her new lead and chunky paws.

[In case you’re wondering, they had a lift back to the Boat Yard]

Puppies Ahoy!

Yesterday, I ambled down to a ‘secret location’ in Eynsham, to see a couple of 8 week old collie pups. This is the ‘shy one’ – she is going to be a surprise present (lucky recipient!)

This is Molly – the larger, more outgoing pup. She is going to be a bargee hound.

Here are the two of them. They are beautifully soft…they move around to fast to photograph if you put them on the ground!

“All right Mr. De Mille, I’m ready for my closeup,”

“I want to run around and play…”

Morning at the Boat Yard – Spot the Duck

Another picture from my ‘phone, from when I stayed over on Sue and John’s barge. It was lovely to wake up in the morning and see the ducks.

Note – to Dr Bones…it was lovely to wake up in the WARM, secure in the knowledge that there was a lovely bathroom just down the corridor :-).

The View from Alpha-Wilja

My friends Sue and John moor their barge down at Eynsham boatyard (their cottage is just a few doors down in Queen Street) – this is their view!

This barge is the good ship Resolute.

The other view from the barge – boatyard to the right…

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