France May 2016 – out and about in Tournus

As I remarked in my last post, Tournus is a lovely town, and I’d love to go there again.  For those of you who are interested in such things, we stayed in a restaurant with rooms called Aux Terrasses. Great food and really nice staff.

The town is on the river Saône

…look at this boat Dr Bones!

There’s an old hospital to visit…

…a dinky little cinema

…a market that sells cheese cages…

…and I got to pet a little, fat pony.

My Ma would have been very interested in this shop!

This sign was strange…

…and this sign was just plain disturbing!

Cornwall 2012 – Mylor Harbour

At Mylor Harbour there’s a yacht club (with a rather nice cafe). I was very interested in this boat cradle.

Much to my delight, we saw a yacht being lifted up…



…and out of the water.

I’m not sure what the tractor was there for, as it drove away soon after…

…showing the yacht in all its glory.

This was what it was all about, time for a clean up!

Bones on Thames

Dr Bones is moored on the Thames, close to chez Nous at the moment. Yesterday, we popped over for supper. Bones, Boots, Steve and Wallace were just returning from a walk.

Wallace is a very ‘can do’ doggie. I was rather pleased to catch a pic of him mid canter.

Dr B. and Boots went off to guide the Rev Rattue, leaving me to be menaced by this swan.

I was very glad to see them returning through the gloom.

This morning I popped over for a cuppa (as you can see, Boots was helping).

The swan decided to make rude gestures with its foot.

Exeter Quayside & Canal

My Pa and I bullied the rest of the family down to the quayside. The quay was built to service the wool trade. This is the lovely little customs house.
This little building looks rather Dutch doesn’t it?
All these little lockups are now chichi shops, except for a rather good coffee place.
It’s all been done rather well, with canoe hire
…and a cute little chain ferry. The only other one I know is in Stratford-upon-Avon, the one connecting St Hilda’s to Christchurch meadow is long gone.
We decided to take a boat trip up the canal.
Canal swing bridges are usually operated by someone walking along the bank. In this case a chap jumped from the boat each time.
He then swung on the the bridge itself, and jumped back into the boat. Wondering whether he’d fall in all added to the enjoyment of the trip.
Boater friends tell me that the Exeter Ship Canal is one of the oldest.
It’s certainly absolutely lovely.
Here is some gratuitous male flesh for Lorna’s delight & delectation.
I’d rather like a long trip down this canal. Any takers?

Sunday Nostalgia Fest

Today the beloved and I went for a walk in Port Meadow, something we used to do a lot when we were courting.
As is often the case with water meadows, it was full of water.
We saw some nice boats…
…viewed distant spires (although it probably wasn’t the right day for that)…
…saw some lasses sculling…
…hung out at the nunnery…

…and saw this fantastic plaque. I love this idea.


One of the many nice things about where we stayed in Wales, was that it wasn’t far from the seaside.

In this case Aberaeron, where the brightly painted houses remind me of harbour towns in Scotland.
The old harbourmaster’s house was particularly fine.
There were some nice boats in the marina…
…and I really admired the chutzpah of calling such a small boat ‘The African Queen’.
I think some thespians must live here.
The day we visited a special horse festival was going on (which made it very difficult to park).
I’m not sure how much the donkeys enjoyed it.

Gracious Heavens

No, not the Islay S&M club meeting – this is Roy, who donned scuba gear (for the first time) to check under his boat.

The Sound of Islay

On our second day, we went up to Port Askaig. From there we had a great view across the Sound of Islay to Jura.

Dad wasn’t too keen on the anchorage here…
…and the tide race looked quite ‘interesting’.
No wonder they keep the life boat here.

It’s not far from there up to Bunnahabhain, which is lovely, but the edge of nowhere.

A lovely, lovely spot in fact…
…with a hill that screams out “climb me”!


The ‘metropolis’ of Bowmore is a bonny town. The tale is that the church is round ‘so there’s nowhere for the devil to hide’.

Not a great deal of space for visiting yachts here.
Obligatory distillery photo.
I assume that this boat rushes you to the airport.
Not sure why this pair of shoes was at the top of the stairs leading to what seemed to be an uninhabited building.