To be a tourist…Blenheim

Ah…the English summer…with the lovely black clouds.
We have some relatives visiting from France at the moment, so we toddled off to have a look at Blenheim Palace.
The answer to the question “who lives in a house like this” is someone vulgar!
That said, they do have their own post-box.
There are lots of lions…this one looks rather taken aback.

Obligatory arse shot.

Miss T Runs Again

As ‘Race for Life’ was such a triumph – I’ve signed up for the Blenheim 10k at the beginning of October.

I throw down the ‘techo-gauntlet’ -who’s going to join me? This event is open to men as well as ladies.

I am DETERMINED to get fit and raise some more money for Cancer Research UK – I’d love it if as many of you as possible could do the same.

[PS David darling – I had HONESTLY totally forgottten that I’d dared you to enter the Eynsham pram race with me this year, that’s not why we booked to go away on holiday. There’s always next year babe!]