Berlin 2008: Some Last Thoughts

As the weather was so foul, I had a little play with black and white. It makes the square by the opera look a bit like a film set doesn’t it?
These ornate lamps are a contrast to the modern buildings behind.
I think she’s doing rather well to ride side saddle, and play the lyre!
Are these little lions in training to become door knockers?

Playing with myself…

Here is lovely me (perhaps I should get a contact lense…?)…

Hmm, don’t like this very ‘News of the World’

How about a healthy glow?

Or a message from inside the perfume bottle?

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Working on Introspection (updated)

I took this self-portrait a little while ago. It was a time when I was very unhappy, and I wanted to emphasise how raw I was feeling.

[As requested here is a crop of the colour picture for comparison.]

Now, I admit I’m a monchrome girl, but I think this version is more powerful (although it does bring out my freckles) – what do YOU think?

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I had a short chat with Graham the other night about ‘real’ black and white as opposed to the back and white you can ‘make’ in digital processing. Black and white film has a lovely grain, that you just can’t reproduce.

However, I’m quite pleased with how this has turned out.

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La Luna

I took this in the afternoon, when I was out on a canal cruise to Enslow (see blog passim). After a little techical jiggery-pokery, it looks rather good.

I’ve fiddle with the contrast, slammed it into back & white and added a slight tint.

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