The Evidence…

I was woken at about 3am the other night by the cats fighting downstairs. In the morning I found fur and claws everywhere!

Cat Crime

“Hello, my name is Billy, I am a cute cat”.

“Erm…Billy, what’s that on the chair?”

“It looks like a feather.”


Two’s Company!

There I was…having some quality time with Billy (the black lump on the left)…when who should arrive but Maisie. Her need to be ‘No 1 Cat’, overcame her distaste for Billy the Kit!

Billy has Fur!

It looks like Billy has put his over grooming behind him, and decided to take growing fur seriously…

he really does have a flat nose.

Diary Extract 2…

So…here I am outside in the cold. My crime? Wanting to bring in a little something to cheer up a dreary evening.

Meanwhile, my nemesis, that interloper, Billy, is warm inside. If I get the chance, I’ll pee on Adam’s bed again!

Wake me up when he stops asking me to caddy…

Seriously…I’m still getting quite tired. Hope they work out what’s ailing me soon!

The cats are obviously attracted to the weak member of the herd – how long would they wait after I stopped breathing before noshing me?
[Do I really have that many chins?]
Guest Photographer Credit – The Boy

Furry Recycling

I don’t think the council would take these two!

[Yes Dordie – it’s yet another cat picture. But it proves that Billy used to have fur!]