Presents from Japan

I am a very lucky girl – my friend Ben has been on holiday in Japan and has brought me back some green tea. It’s extra special, as it was grown on a farm that he worked on.

Ben has been learning Japanese for a while, but he wasn’t able to translate the instructions on the back. However, as Mark points out, the fourth stage is to pour the tea over a digital watch!

Ben also gave me these beautiful geisha bookmarks.

Peony for Ben

One of my favorites, the peony is out, a true harbinger of Spring. I’ve blogged this for Ben, who is in Japan at the moment. He had planned to go in cherry blossom time, but his trip had to be delayed. So, here is some ‘Eynsham pink’ for him.

Ben – if by ANY chance you’re reading this, I have tried to reply to your email, but it keeps bouncing back. 🙁