Reception Day

On Sunday I was received into the Roman Catholic church, at St Peter’s in Eynsham. Lovely Louise, and the ‘newly engaged’ Stephen, were my sponsors.

During the Confirmation ceremony, the Priest addresses the candidate by their “Confirmation Name”. This is a saint’s name, who you will pray to for help and guidance. I choose Gertrude of Nivelles (NOT because she’s patron saint of cats, but for other worthier reasons :-)…).

Many thanks to everyone who came, or held me in their thoughts and prayers. It was a very special day.

PS plus a big thank you to Siobhan (Mrs Stephen to be) for taking the pics.

Attrill’s a Natural!

A few weeks or so ago, I sent the talented Toby Attrill (Natural Attrill) some charms, and beads that had belonged to Grandma Gertie.

He’s made me two wonderful pieces, which are very ME. I almost cried when I opened the parcel.

I think that Toby has a great future ahead of him.

[Annie may recognise the sea otters :-)]

Hair Scare…

In May 2006 my hair was this colour…I’ve promised a couple of peeps that I won’t dye it that colour again, but I rather enjoyed it.


I’ve posted about issues with my prosthetic eye before – however after much love and support (notably from The Boy and Dr Bones) I’ve started investigation options to improve my current set-up.

On Tuesday I had an appointment at the Oxford Eye Hospital. The lovely Miss Hague suggests a course of treatment, that would consist of three possibly four operations, over 18 months. For some of the time I wouldn’t be able to wear a prosthesis, so I’d need to adopt a piratical look (which if it wasn’t so uncomfortable after a few hours, would be no bad thing). The first operation would be under general anaesthetic – which means I need to reduce my BMI to make that safer.

I really don’t know what I want to do – and the ‘anti’ camp is strengthened by the fact my private health insurance won’t cover it, because it’s deemed ‘cosmetic’. However, I’ve a while to make up my mind, as I’ve a fair amount of weight to lose before I can even be put on a waiting list!

Thank Heavens for Political Correctness!

As I potter through the blogsphere (dreadful term isn’t is?), I often find posts about how dreadful it is we have to respect other people’s beliefs, or what sort of world do we live in when…?

However, the odd story comes my way which reinforces my view that a liberal, tolerent society is better than the alternative. Try this story for size:

Miss T Runs Again

As ‘Race for Life’ was such a triumph – I’ve signed up for the Blenheim 10k at the beginning of October.

I throw down the ‘techo-gauntlet’ -who’s going to join me? This event is open to men as well as ladies.

I am DETERMINED to get fit and raise some more money for Cancer Research UK – I’d love it if as many of you as possible could do the same.

[PS David darling – I had HONESTLY totally forgottten that I’d dared you to enter the Eynsham pram race with me this year, that’s not why we booked to go away on holiday. There’s always next year babe!]