Camden Market – August 2016

One of my quartet of lovely nieces has been down for a few days. On Sunday we went down to Camden.

It must be at least twenty years since I last visited the market.

It’s as fun and vibrant as ever…

…with lots of great shops and stalls.

I was very taken with this chandelier…

and this sign.

We’d have bought this programme for Prof Pete, but we didn’t know i) whether Sheffield Wednesday had won or ii) if he had it all ready.

More than anything else, it’s a great place to sit and people watch. We had a great lunch at Honest Burgers.  The onion rings are out of this world, and their beer is great.

I won’t leave it another twenty years.

Eynsham Folk Festival

One of the many things I like about living in Eynsham, is that people get off their backsides and organise things.

Last weekend was the 2nd Eynsham Folk Festival, organised by, amongst other people, our friend Larry Poole (Larry is such a happy chap, that ‘Happy as Larry’ really means something round here).

On Sunday, five morris sides, and some clog dancers descended on the village.

These chaps are Bampton Traditional Morris, one of the three Bampton morris sides: Bampton Morris, Traditional Bampton Moris and Bampton Traditional Morris.

Bampton is quite a small place, and morris dancing is taken seriously there, leading to family feuds about steps (allegedly).

These ladies are from Mason’s Apron (so named because they used to pactice at the Mason’s Arms in Headington Quarry). Clog dancing started in the mill towns in the 19th C, and is apparently the parent of tap dancing. It seems strange to find it in the Cotswolds until you realise that most morris sides exclude women (don’t want the crops to fail do we?).

Beer is common denominator though.

This is the fantastic Armaleggan, an unashamedly non-traditional Border morris side from Cumnor (look wimmen!)

“See little girl, you too can dance with the morris…and have a big stick, not a silly hanky”.

I was rather taken with these customised boots.

Eynsham Morris order their beer by watering can, not pint.

The Star Inn – Folly Hall

Now I DO like a friendly pub with a good pint. As we were in Huddersfield this weekend, we popped into‘ The Star Inn’, which we’d read good things about.
It’s a great place with good beer (see above), plenty to read (including CELEB mags)…
…and a hound. I’m not sure about the diamante collar though!

Yarra Valley Wine Tour

The Yarra Valley is well known for its vineyards.

They’re quite posh…

…and it’s a beautiful spot…

…and they make beer in the valley too…:-)…!

Making up for Lost Time

In the Spring & Summer lots of quirky, outdoor bars bloom in Melbourne.

It was only polite to sample a few with Mr Hunt wasn’t it?

Keeping this injunction in mind of course…

Eynsham Beer Festival 2009 – The English at Play

It was August Bank Holiday Sunday – so it was the Eynsham Beer Festival. As you can see, Sue and Gav didn’t let the cold and windy weather daunt them. Why did we need the sun?

We had beer…


…(well, OK, not everyone enjoyed the Morris Dancing)…


Beleted (Eynsham) Beer Festival Pics

Hurrah – thanks to the lovely Ben Malpus, I now have safe access to the 29QS techo-garret once more. This means I have access to the PC and can blog my beer festival pics from the summer.

It’s been a really good experience, as it’s reminded me what a lovely day it was. And it wasn’t just about BEER…

…we watched a bit of cricket…

…played chess…

…played jenga…
…hung out with the urchins…(this my friend Laura’s husband Pete, and their daughter Willow. I LOVE her chubby little arms and tomboy ways)

And best of all, hung out with our friends – I love you Gwen.

Hot, hot hot…

It’s been hot here at last, so we’ve all been sleeping in the sun. I have to admit that I haven’t been systematically working my way through my camera controls – but what the hell I’m having fun.

Adam was lucky enough to get some top class medical attention yesterday (what you can’t see in the photo, is that Maddy’s scrubs said “Animal Hospital”).

The ungrateful brute self-medicated with beer.

I was on the Pimms. When A.’s parents went on their first date Lin ordered a Pimms. In the time it took the barman to make one, Peter drank his first pint and started a 2nd, which helped his nerves no end.

He keeps pinching MY camera and taking pictures of me! Still, at least you can see my nice new specs.

Holes and How to get out of Them

Nearly everyone I care about seems to be in a bad place at the moment, so I thought I’d post a few peaceful pics. Here’s one of Peter taken about 6 years ago i) hasn’t the rubber plant grown ii)hasn’t the front room changed?

I’ve mentioned my friend Annie before – living proof that you can be beautiful and ginger. When we were at college together her room was always a haven for me.

Just looking at a picture of it makes me feel calm and happy. Must be the vibes of all those endless cups of tea.
So – you all know who you are. I’m not saying that tea conquers all, but the combination of tea and friendship (plus beer and whiskey of course) is one of the most powerful there is.