Cornwall July 2015 – Trebah Garden

Trebah really is…

…an absolutely lovely place.

This was my third visit.

There is a huge variety…

…of beautiful…

…plants and flowers, but there’s also…

…a beach.

The perfect place for an ice-cream.

On a side note, I fell in love with this garden seat.

Cornwall July 2015 – (The Point at) Polzeath

The Boy and I have been in Cornwall for the last few days. We were staying at The Point, a golf club, restaurant, and holiday rentals near Polzeath. 

Now, I don’t know much about what makes a good golf course, but I do know a bonny spot when I see one.

I liked the look of the green keeper’s little vehicle. Just the thing for tootling around Eynsham.

Golf courses provide a great habit for birds, animals and plants, including these beautiful roses.

It’s only ten minutes walk from Polzeath beach…

…which is rather lovely.

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage – August 2014

It maybe because it was the end of our holiday, and I was ready to go home, but I didn’t really take to Le Touquet. It might have been because we’d come from rural Burgundy to a town full of people, and an odd mix of glitz and ‘Kiss Me Quick’. It does have a beautiful beach…

…some gorgeous dunes…

…with feral cat colony.

Speaking of cats…

… it also has a wonderful chocolate shop.

I’d say this was something for Christopher Stockdale, but he wouldn’t eat a cute piggy!

Oh…and there’s golf.

Dorset 2011 – A Few Things That Caught My Eye

Dorset really is lovely. As well as the countryside, here are a few other things that I enjoyed looking at.
A little stained glass window…
…some mulberries (which were delicious)…
…an adolescent seagull…
…a tandem mountain bike (one for Abigail & Paul?)…
…and an elderly Paddington.
With all the fish ‘n’ chips that are eaten, I bet these lorries run day and night (I recommend ‘Herbie’s Dino Bar‘, on the seafront in Lyme. Fish sourced from Lyme Bay and cooked to order).
Now is this a CAD monkey? Or a gentleman who’s well, a bit of a rake (but would you advertise?).
A fisherman at rest.

Dorset 2011 – St Catherine’s Chapel

On a whim we stopped in Abbotsbury (a place of pilgrimage for P J Harvey fans). While Sarah and the girls went to the Children’s Farm, my Pa and I climbed up to St Catherine’s chapel (this meant that I missed miniature goat racing, but you can’t have it all).
[I’m not sure what the Benedictines would have thought about their tithe barn being full of marauding toddlers, but that’s another story.]
The chapel was built as a pilgrin chapel in the 15th century. It’s a striking nautical landmark, and ever since he first saw it from the sea he’s wanted to visit it.
Sadly, the day was very hazy, so the view wasn’t that great. It was lovely seeing the village nestled in the valley.
For a pilgrimage chapel, the climb isn’t that steep.
It’s a beautiful building…
…and it seems right that it stands alone.
The beautiful vaulting made my soul soar.
The atmosphere is wonderful…
…and I’m so glad that it’s still used for services.
I realise that this will sound a bit ‘up my own arse’, but it was very hard to leave.
Chesil Beach and The Fleet looked beautiful in the haze – how lovely must it be on a clear day?