The Andrew Watson Memorial Bathroom – Progress Report 4

Apologies for the blurry pics – but these are quick camera snaps. What a difference a day makes! We now have a shower screen rather than a manky shower curtain – and soon the ‘unhygienic’ (to quote La Marrison) tortoise light pull will be retired in favour of something chrome.
Thanks to the emergency tiles the back wall is done.

Annoyingly, we need just need one blue tile and two of the ‘dado rail’ tiles to finish it. Thanks heavens they’re made in Huddersfield, so Adam or his Dad can pick them up from the trade counter next week. Rather than wait two weeks or more for delivery and pay full carriage costs.

The Andrew Watson Memorial Bathroom – Progress Report 3

As you can see the bathroom is coming on apace.
Despite Rob (the chap who’s doing the work) and I having a drink yesterday evening.
Unfortunately, I ordered too few of these square white tiles…

…and too many of the white, smaller brick shaped tiles. Our tile supplier Rustica, GAVE us enough square white tiles to finish the job (about twenty), which was fabulous of them.

The Andrew Watson Memorial Bathroom – Progress Report

I had a long standing joke with my friend Andrew that he always had horrible bathrooms. The memory of the one with the orange carpet makes me shudder.

However, the bathroom at no29 has been slowly rotting away, so the joke was on us. Although finding a slug on the bathroom wall first thing in the morning isn’t a joke (and too think that I’ve also been rude about NB Bones’ bathroom).

The Boy
and I have finally been able to scrape together enough cash to deal with it, and just in time as you can see from the floorboards.

Rob, a friend of Mr MarmaladeKiss, is doing a grand job.