Another Traves on the way…!

Don’t panic – I’m not about to make a ‘special announcement’. And I’d like to think I’d have more class than to do it on my blog in any case 8-). So, here is a pic of my role model Aunt Lucy.

No, my big bro Jerry and his long suffering spouse Sarah are due to have a visit from the stork in March. Their daughter Rachel is ‘rather good for a first attempt’ (as an Oz pal of theirs told them), so I’m looking forward to another babe to buy noisy toys for (and teach him/her/it* his/her/its* catechism etc. etc.)

And here is a pic of said first attempt when she was quite mini, along with the sainted spouse.

* attempt to avoid i) ugly use of inclusive plural ** ii) sexist male singular
** yes this was subbed by Adam ‘I am always an editor, it is my nature’ Lawrence