Baby it’s COLD Outside – View from the Cybergarret

Now, I know that a foot of snow is nothing to our Canadian cousins (and Aunts)…but it’s the heaviest we’ve seen in Eynsham.

Here are some snaps I took from our attic ‘home office’ (aka the cybergarret).

I’m not sure whether Elsie’s fruit net is going to hold up under the weight of the snow for much longer.

And here is our little plot…

…if you look carefully, you can see where Adam made his way to the shed to stock up on logs.

Apart from the lamp post, Queen St looks pretty timeless.

View from the Technogarret

Our Technogarret is a wonderful place to work. It’s in the roof, with a velux window on each side. When I need a break from the screen, I wander to one of the windows and look out at Eynsham.

This is the view from the back of the house.

Frieda and Elsie have their gardens laid out for maximum veg. production. The Boy looks over at Elsie’s empty greenhouse with envy. He day dreams about putting a door in the fence, and popping through to use it.
The Boy would love more space for veg. But, we also want to sit outside drinking and telling stories…with space for visiting children (and adults!) to charge around in. In a garden our size there always has to be choice and compromise – just like life :-).
There’s something magical about Eynsham, and it’s even more beautiful in the Spring.