France August 2015 – La Cathédrale de Jean Linard

I realised the other day, that what with the onslaught of the beginning of the academic year, I hadn’t finished looking my holiday photos…so here are some more.

A friend was off to Paris while we were away, and keen to find some ‘off the beaten track’ things to see. We found Atlas Obscura , a website with all sorts of interesting places.

I decided to have a look for sites close of Moulins and came across La Cathédrale de Jean Linard. It took quite a bit of finding, but it was well worth it.

The artist Jean Linard, bought some woodland in the 1970s, and built a quirky house, that looks like it’s been there for ever.

He decorated the house and grounds with ceramic mosaics…

…and sculptures.

It’s very hard to describe the place. Many of the pieces are religious in nature, and it is an incredible artwork.

Lisbon 2013 – Gulbenkian Museum (Museu Calouste Gulbenkian)

Another rainy day sent me off to the Gulbenkian Museum, which (along with the Gulbenkian Foundation, which funds the arts, social welfare, education and science) is housed in some interesting Modernist buildings.

The buildings are set in a beautifully landscaped park, and softened by lots of plants.

Calouste Gulbenkian was a very interesting man, who made his pile acting as a middleman in oil deals in Iraq post the breakup of the Ottoman Empire in the early 20th Cent. His shrewd business deals lead to his nickname ‘Mr Five Percent’ (note to self, must look for a good biography).

His extensive art and textile collection would have probably ended up in the UK, had he not followed the French government to Vichy. The British government declared him an enemy alien and sized his oil revenues. You can’t blame him for being a bit miffed.

The collection is absolutely superb. My favourite pieces were the little, Egyptian cat sarcophagus (above) and the collection of Mamluk glass.

France 2013(2) – Troyes

I have been a fortunate bunny on the holiday front this year, as a couple of weeks ago we headed off to my beloved Burgundy for the second time this year. On the way we spent a night (and a morning) in Troyes, and man I’m glad we did.

It’s a jewel of a place….

…with lots of half-timbered houses…

…wonderful public art (and a FABULOUS modern art museum)…

glorious cathedral

…quite the best municipal planters I’ve ever seen (inspired by Villandry?)…

…and dangerous women.

Godzilla in Jesus

Your intrepid documentary photographer was out and about in Cambridge this weekend.
I glimpsed these amazing dinosaurs through the gate to Jesus College.
A kind student let me in (security, what security) and I managed to have a close look.
These wonderful monumental beasts are an installation by the Chapman Brothers.
I loved the way they menaced the buildings…
…and seemed to be thinking about eating the odd student.

Turkey 2010 – Selçuk Street Scenes

A cafe for my Ma…

…the little eatery where we had a couple of delicious lunches (for next to nothing)…

…a rather nice pigeon tile (the red cord round it’s neck is way of getting round the injunction not to make an images of living things – red cord = slashed throat = dead)…

…a little bit of Turkish delight…

…and a pic of lovely me outside St John’s Basilica.

Rome Jan 2010 – Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums are an absolute treasure trove. I was absolutely enervated by the time we staggered out. As I am an obedient girl, I didn’t take pictures of anything that might be damaged by flash. So here are some little serpents to whet your appetite…

Goddess Juno’s feet…

…a detail from ‘Laocoön and his Sons‘…

…and a VERY CUTE sea monster.

Cows in Cowes

Our trip nearly over (sob, sob) David, Adam and I headed to Phillip Island for the day. We had lunch in a nice cafe is Cowes. I was rather taken with their decorated cows.

I liked these two best.