Art Deco Beauty

I often forget to look up, but today I glanced up at this beauty.

She can be found on the front of the Odeon Cinema, on Gloucester Green in Oxford. A timely reminder to be ‘mindful’, in the moment, and not just bustle on with life with my head down, thinking about what I have to do next.

Huddersfield Library

I know that I’ve blogged about this before, but I love Huddersfield Library. It’s a beautiful Art Deco building, that badly needs some TLC.

The Stairs…the stairs….

My office is at the top of LOTS of stairs – on the second floor (third floor to you colonials).

However, there’s plenty to see if you need to stop and pant – like these sad looking soldiers…
…and these little twiddly bits at the top.

Deco Door Furniture

As some of you may know, I’m currently working in the New Bodleian building two days a week. The Art Deco detail is wonderful…even down to the door knobs.

They’re really hard to turn when you have hand cream on!

Afternoon Tea with Dr Bones

I have been feeling rather sad of late (because of sad things, not my old trouble) – and to cheer me up The Boy delivered me into the charming hands of Dr Bones, for afternoon tea at The Old Parsonage.

It was absolutely lovely (and very good value too). I was most taken with the Deco tea set – I WANT one…it would perfectly suit 29 QS.

Madeira Day 2 – The Fish Market

In Funchal Old Town there are some lovely Art Deco buildings.

This includes the market – apologies for the light spoil, but this is my only pic.

I got to the fish market quite late, but this should give you a feel of the place.

Yum – look at the tuna.

This is espada – a deep sea fish. And it’s pretty yum too 🙂