Eynsham Morris and Friends

On Saturday evening we had a treat – Eynsham Morris were dancing with two visiting troupes outside The Queen’s Head.

Morris Men come in all shapes and sizes. Here is a ‘Morris Minor’ – a result of the Eynsham Morris captive breeding programme.

One troupe were from Brighton – and I have to admit not my cup of tea. They just didn’t have the macho vigour that Eynsham have.

The other troupe, were the FANTASTIC Armaleggan from Cumnor. They came and danced at Carnival a couple of years ago and absolutely blew us away.

Their musicians move in sync, like a soul band.

I LOVED this lady in pink – her make up made her look like a member of KISS

…even this monkey is in on the act!

This chap is also a mean banjo player…

…and this accordion player was plain MAGNIFICENT in her plumage.

Here is The Boy trying to explain what’s going on to our French neighbour Steph (while the lovely Jo Grieve looks on).
Jo was taken with Robin’s ‘glad to be grey’ badge.

Steph couldn’t believe here eyes, when she saw the Morris’ ‘watering’ can.

As you can see from Mick’s posture, it’d been rather a long day.

“Hmmm – women dancing in Eynsham…it’s not right I tell you!?!”