Post-cards from Annie

My darling friend Annie has been on a trip to Chicago. Amongst other things, she’s been to a fantastic sounding art exhibitions and to the Shedd Aquarium – where she saw sea otters and baby Beluga whales. I am GREEN with envy. However, she’s sent me LOTS of post-cards.

Good thing we’ve got a double mantle piece!

A Lovely Suprise!

A HUGE parcel arrived today from the USA – from my dear friend Annie. It was packed with stationary and stickers. I started putting stickers on aerogrammes to Annie ~16 years ago, as aerogrammes look so dull. So it’s rather apt that she should send me them.

It never ceases to amaze me how much other people enjoy them on my letters. Quite a few people now use them on letters to me :-).

The best thing in the parcel – this little dinosaur creamer!

Thank you SO MUCH – Annie my darling!

Annie’s Necklace – My Necklace

I went to see Sue’s exhibition this afternoon. As well as Sue’s paintings there was some lovely glass jewelry for sale (such jewelry is a weakness of mine). Knowing this, my friend Annie made me this beautiful necklace and gave it to me for Christmas.

There’s nothing like being made something is there? As you can see it’s in my fave blue glass, with lots of little in-jokes around our friendship. Here is St. Lucy to symbolise me (luckily the medal is small enough the eyes on a plate she’s carrying aren’t obvious).

Here is a heart for Annie and the love we share.

And a teapot and spoon clasp – because i) I drink a LOT of tea and ii) that’s what we seem to do most when we get together.

But most of all, it just a lovely thing. I love how the light shines through it to cast blue shadows.

College Nostalgia

To celebrate my having installed my new scanner (despite their being instructions in every language but English) – I thought I would delight you with some pics from my college days.

Here is Adam (this would be 1990 – so age 20) cooking Sunday lunch. I seem to recall that as his house had no oven, he was cooking in two houses at the same time, relaying instructions by internal phone.

Me and Kal at what was a REALLY good party.

Clare, Adam,Kal and me at Annie’s 21st dinner party. Adam and Annie cooked lobster thermidor, bless them (with her parents emergency gold card funding it). We named the lobsters after the folks who really annoyed us, then threw them in the pot!

My boat crew (note that I’m looking in entirely the wrong direction) – the cox is now a nun in an enclosed order.