This year I have been mostly…

Adam and I sponsor a child in Sri Lanka via the charity Plan UK. You are in encourage to write to the child, and they, or in our case, his Mother, writes back.  However, given the expense of translating your letter and transporting to ‘your’ child, it’s best to send a letter every six months or so.

Last week I realised that I had written for over a year. The Plan website allows you to send a letter online, so I logged on and set to. I then went blank. How to sum up the last year. It would be hard enough when writing to a friend. I wrote about our kitchen extension; our holiday in SanDiego; and uploaded a photograph of Adam (above).

In the end, it’s the contact that’s important, but I feel a bit dissatisfied. 

Guitar Lessons

Adam gave a guitar lesson to young Joseph the other day. When I looked my closely at the photos, I realised that Joseph had exactly copied Adam’s hands.

Walking round Uluru

I just don’t have the words to describe the rock, and how it made me feel. It’s such a spiritual place. I’ll let the pictures tell their own story. Adam took a fair few of these pictures.

Did I mention it was 40 degrees C?

And very dusty…

Uluru, the rock formally known as Ayers

Imagine our excitement when we saw our first glimpse of Uluru.

I was almost scared about vistitng Uluru. What if it was a let down? Well it wasn’t, being there was one of the most fantastic things I have ever done – a peak experience.

Sue isn’t dancing, she’s trying to kill one of the thousands of flies. We understood why classic Australian hats had corks dangling from them!

Five go to Uluru!

Yeah – we were VERY happy.

That was the year that was…

…OK, it’s not over yet, but I was having a review in my mind last night:

Adam aka The Boy
2008 marked 19 years since we met, I’ve now known him for longer than I didn’t know him.
It’s 10 years since we were married.
It’s 9 years lsince we moved into no29 (it’ll be 10 in May) .

Gertie, my grandmother celebrated her 100 birthday (sadly dying less than 3 weeks later).
My niece Zoe was born.
I caught up with a ploethra of Danish relatives.

In October I left RM, after just over 7 years.

I went on trips to: Madeira, Burgundy, Denmark, Turkey (inc. a fabulous few days in Istanbul) and Berlin.

However, when I think about this year, I think about my FRIENDS (including Adam, my best friend) – both near and far, old and new – who have sustained, supported, renewed, delighted, suprised (and best of all), amused me throughout this year.

I hope you all have a Happy Christmas (or religious/non-religious celebration of your choice :-)) – and that 2009 will be full of joy and laughter. I send you all my love.

Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another, ‘What you too? I though I was the only one’.


Turkey 2008 – A Special Moment on Galata Bridge

Sunset on the 10th October found us on the Galata Bridge…

…along with a number of fishermen. Despite the traffic, the smell of grilling sardines and fish bait…

…it’s a very romantic place. Which is only fitting…because on the 10th October 1998…this lovely Boy

…and the delightful Miss T…

…got MARRIED. I like this photo best…

…although you may prefer this one, as it doesn’t look like either of us have a minaret growing out of our heads.

I’m looking forward to the next ten years!

Birthday Boy!

It’s my lovely Boy’s birthday today! Happy birthday Alex and Jenny too!

I was a bit worried that it’d be a bit of a damp squib as we’re away. However, he’s had some lovely texts and our hotel worked out it was his birthday (we think from the card from me in our room)…

…and gave him this wonderful cake (it tastes every bit as good as it looks).