Summer in Eynsham

We have been enjoying a bit of peace and calm after all the building work. These dragon flies seem to be happy.

Billy loves the sun.

Boots and Wallace enjoy a change of scene.

The beloved and I have a new sun trap.

The Evidence…

I was woken at about 3am the other night by the cats fighting downstairs. In the morning I found fur and claws everywhere!

Marvellous Magnolia

One of my favourite moments of the Spring is when our magnolia comes into bloom…
…it has such a beautiful tulip shape.
This little blackbird seemed to be enjoying it too.

O Tannenbaum (2010)

What did the Victorians do for us?
Well…they (or rather Prince Albert) introduced the Christmas Tree to the UK.

The beloved and I picked up ours today.
It doesn’t look bad does it?
Even better with the candles lit!


The weather hasn’t be great of late, and I was rather taken with this invitation outside ‘The Dukes Cut’.

The weather was decent(ish) today, so we dug over the veg plot and mucked out the greenhouse. I always forget just how taxing digging is. It’s taken me the rest of the day to recover!

Spiders from Eynsham

The other morning I almost began to believe in fairies.

The morning dew revealed the most incredibly delicate strands of silk…
…sparkling like a ballroom dancer’s frock.
Ah…here’s who made the webs…
…which were quite incredible.
The flowers looked nice in the dew as well.
And here’s an attempt to be arty…

Home Harvest

A few weeks ago I gorged on all these lovely berries…

…today I picked plums and figs. All from the back garden.

Magnificent Magnolias

One of the things I look forward to most in the Spring, is our magnolia coming into flower.

It’s absolutely wonderful this year…

…such a shame it doesn’t last very long.

Ours has a while to go before it’s as big as the one in the Priory garden.