France May 2016 – Saint-Philibert de Tournus

On our way down to the South of France the Boy and I broke our journey in Tournus, a lovely town in Burgundy.

The former Benedictine abbey, St Philibert was founded in 875 AD by monks fleeing the Vikings (the Normans of Normandy [given that my maternal grandmother was from Denmark, and my paternal grandmother’s maiden name was Norman, there must be a lot of Viking in me]).

The Boy and I were rather taken with these signs…

…there’s someone with a good sense of humour around.

This 13thC mosaic was found during building work in 2005.

I love this little hawk…

…and the moody horse.

This little hawk must be a reference to the mosaic.

The organ is impressive…

…as are the few remaining wall paintings…

but I just adored the roof space. 

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