Strata Florida

The ruins of Strata Florida Abbey are in a beautiful spot, in a fold between the hills.

The name means valley of the flowers…
…and it must have been magnificent.
Now there’s not much left…
…(although, philistine that I am, these tiles made me ponder how I’d like the floor if we ever have our kitchen sorted…)
…but ghosts of memories.

Cors Caron

Here is somewhere I’d like to go again – Cors Caron.

There’s a boardwalk across the peat bog – you leave your bikes here, on these rather nifty bike racks.
Stop to admire the carvings on the gateway…
…then plunge into the bog.

Sadly, I wasn’t feeling very well, so we had to truncate our walk.

Never mind…it’ll wait.

Home Harvest

A few weeks ago I gorged on all these lovely berries…

…today I picked plums and figs. All from the back garden.