Moving Day!

My Ma and Pa are absolutely fantastic. They are always happy to help us out. This weekend they came up to help us move the greenhouse from our neighbour, Elsie’s, garden into ours.

Here it begins, the eucalyptus is dead…long live the greenhouse!

The first stage was taking down a couple of fence panels.

Elsie and Brian, her gardener came out to point and laugh.

The Boy and my Pa started by taking the glass out of the frame.

Here is a picture of Billy, NOT helping…

…and one of my Ma washing the glass.

Sadly, the wind caught some of the glass and smashed it.

Ma and I laid it on the glass for safe keeping.

Mr and Mrs Marmalade Kiss happened to come out into their garden when the last few panels were coming off.

Mr MK was kind enough to come round and help move the frame…up, up and away!

Down into the garden at no 29.

Then back came in the glass.

Thank you very much to Ma, Pa, Elsie, Brian, Marilyn & David (for moving Elsie’s lilies), Mr MK and everyone at Evenlode DIY.

Dave’s Visit

Last year, Dave Witherspoon (who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina) walked the Thames Path, and discovered The Queen’s Head.

He’s in England again at the moment, and popped into to see us again.

It was great to see him again, and as you can see, Maisie made him very welcome!

Parrot Resurrection

On Saturday Dr Bones invited us over to Osney Island for a little al fresco supper.

When it got dark and cold we retired into NB Bones. My eye fell on a platic parrot. Dr Bones had been given it as a present. In theory you recorded a message, which it would then repeat back in…well parrot fashion. It had never worked, and once our trusty boaters realised that its batteries were dead…

…they decided the ‘jump start’ it.

“Live my pretty!”.

Hurrah for engineers, as they got it working!

Damn Cats!

Our bathroom, hall and dining room have now been painted and look fab. Apart from Billy and Maisie’s little additions!

Robin Bricolage

I’ve been flat out of late, hence no updates, but I’ve been snapping away with my phone. Those of you who know Evenlode DIY in Eynsham (aka Robin’s Shop), will be glad to see that the empire is expanding!

Mist over Nuffield

On a whim, I got off the bus at the station, rather than George St. this morning. I’m glad I did, as I saw this beautiful sight.