Out and About

This raises so many questions…is there an intolerant footpath elsewhere? Does this refer to one’s behaviour on said footpath? Answers on a postcard please.

Introducing Tinkerbell

Like many divas, Tinkerbell (previously known as Snowdrop, Odette, Amanda and Sarah), did not appreciate the attentions of the press.

However, she agreed to pose for a few photos…
…agreed to be interviewed…

…and even became quite playful!

Global Warming?!?

Spotted this in Hoults’ window (if you’re ever in Huddersfield, a great independent wine merchant) – it must be hotting up if you can make red wine in Wakefield! 🙂

That was the year that was…

…OK, it’s not over yet, but I was having a review in my mind last night:

Adam aka The Boy
2008 marked 19 years since we met, I’ve now known him for longer than I didn’t know him.
It’s 10 years since we were married.
It’s 9 years lsince we moved into no29 (it’ll be 10 in May) .

Gertie, my grandmother celebrated her 100 birthday (sadly dying less than 3 weeks later).
My niece Zoe was born.
I caught up with a ploethra of Danish relatives.

In October I left RM, after just over 7 years.

I went on trips to: Madeira, Burgundy, Denmark, Turkey (inc. a fabulous few days in Istanbul) and Berlin.

However, when I think about this year, I think about my FRIENDS (including Adam, my best friend) – both near and far, old and new – who have sustained, supported, renewed, delighted, suprised (and best of all), amused me throughout this year.

I hope you all have a Happy Christmas (or religious/non-religious celebration of your choice :-)) – and that 2009 will be full of joy and laughter. I send you all my love.

Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another, ‘What you too? I though I was the only one’.