I’ve posted about issues with my prosthetic eye before – however after much love and support (notably from The Boy and Dr Bones) I’ve started investigation options to improve my current set-up.

On Tuesday I had an appointment at the Oxford Eye Hospital. The lovely Miss Hague suggests a course of treatment, that would consist of three possibly four operations, over 18 months. For some of the time I wouldn’t be able to wear a prosthesis, so I’d need to adopt a piratical look (which if it wasn’t so uncomfortable after a few hours, would be no bad thing). The first operation would be under general anaesthetic – which means I need to reduce my BMI to make that safer.

I really don’t know what I want to do – and the ‘anti’ camp is strengthened by the fact my private health insurance won’t cover it, because it’s deemed ‘cosmetic’. However, I’ve a while to make up my mind, as I’ve a fair amount of weight to lose before I can even be put on a waiting list!

Billy has Fur!

It looks like Billy has put his over grooming behind him, and decided to take growing fur seriously…

he really does have a flat nose.

The ‘Queen Street Two’

My friend Marmaladekiss is on her hols and I am hen sitting. I thought I’d post a pic. to show that they’re alive and well – I should really have given them the front page of today’s newspaper to hold in their beaks!

André and Friend

Here is a picture The Boy took on his phone, of AndrĂ© and Bunty. Bunty belongs to The Boy’s godfather Peter. Like most animals – she’s getting the lion’s share of the sofa!

Gladioli Forest

When she was here at the weekend, my Ma gave me these gladioli. They’re not a flower that I’d usually choose for myself, but they are lovely.

I like the stems – as I think they look like a forest!

Tyson – Bargee

Here is a very bad picture of Tyson – who is moored next to Dr Bones at the moment. I wonder if he was called Tyson because he bit another cat’s ear off? Still, he was very friendly with us.

I’ve always loved the idea of ship’s cats. It seems to underscore the concept of the ship as a travelling home and/or community. However, one needs to remember that they were (are?) working cats, keeping the vermin down, not pets. Although I’m sure they were given plenty of strokes and rubs behind the ears – after all, Simon was awarded his medal not just for ratting, but for raising morale.

Here is a picture The Boy took of Tyson. It’s not much better, but at least you can see his face!

Professor Adrian William Moore – An Apology

Last night I managed to get ‘Big Zero’ birthdays muddled in my head – and added nine and a half years to my erstwhile philosophy tutor’s age.

I would like to state that my beloved Professor is only 50 years young – and his youthful looks and demeanour make that hard to believe.

[Is that enough crawling now?]